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Being Single During the Holidays Can Make You Richer

by Rica | December 21, 2023 | 4 mins read

For most people, being single during the holiday season is the last thing that they want.  

But that didn’t stop Kathryn Bernardo, one-half of arguably the Philippines’ most famous celebrity love team, from breaking her silence about her rumored breakup with Daniel Padilla, her on-and-off-screen partner for over 11 years on November 30, exploding the internet just weeks before the biggest celebration of the year, Christmas 

And if a popular actress can find herself single for Christmas so can you if you don’t have a special someone in your life. As a bonus, being unattached this season could fatten your wallet, and we’re telling you why. 

No honey, no worry

Have you ever tried last-minute shopping for your partner? It’s a terrible experience, especially if you are clueless about what they want. Or you have an idea for what to get them but you lack the budget for it. This often ends with you buying stuff they don’t need or something more expensive than you can afford. 

“While in college, I had to set aside a portion of my monthly allowance to save up for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. Of course, back then, I didn’t complain; I loved her,” says Carl, an engineering graduate. 

“However, as Christmas approached, it was always a nightmare for me to figure out what present to give her. Shall I give her a bag, accessories, or a dress? Even if I knew what to buy, I had to contend with long lines at the counter. Items were going out of stock during the holiday season. After we broke up, I was single and had peace of mind for six years,” he quips. 

Shorter gift list

In the Philippines, it is customary to give gifts not just to your partner but to their family, too. Imagine being in a relationship with someone with nine or ten siblings, which is not unusual in the Philippines. You would have to kiss your Christmas bonus goodbye if you don’t want to be branded as the “kuripot” (stingy) boy/girlfriend.


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A Little Planning Can Go a Long Way for Your Savings

Fewer parties to attend

It’s hard to say no to your other half during the festive season and this can result in you having to attend more gatherings and spend more money than you would want to if they insist on having you by their side all the time.   

“When I had a girlfriend, she would want me to go to every Christmas party she attended. More parties meant more time wasted in traffic and more gifts to worry and carry about,” says Mark, a videographer. 

Restaurant perks for singles

While it’s a marketing gimmick, it’s also something that saves you money – discounts for those who eat as a single person in restaurants. Yes, it may be weird to eat with your couple friends, but if it can shave money off your final bill, why not embrace the savings?  


Earn and learn minus the guilt

As a single, you can focus maximizing your time to increase your income as there’s no one competing for your attention, whether this is starting a side hustle, learning a new skill or even spending time learning about investing.  

This particularly applies to the holiday season if you want to take on extra shift as working on Christmas Eve or other non-working holidays in the country entitles you to additional pay, which can boost your savings. With a partner, they’ll want to spend time with you during such occasions, so you’ll have to forsake these savings.  

Whether you’re single by choice or not, nothing should stop you from enjoying the holiday season. With more money in your wallet and fewer worries, you have a much better mindset and financial position to welcome and ‘sleigh’ a prosperous new year!