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Jobhopper Or Grasshopper? Why I Can’t Stop Myself From Looking For A New Job All The Time

by The Simple Sum | April 15, 2024 | 2 mins read

Many people change jobs often. That’s not really a big issue is it? I am a pandemic generation, meaning I have survived a pandemic and the mindset of workers like us is usually more carefree. 

A bit too carefree perhaps. 

Due to the pandemic, I have made YOLO (you only live once) decisions – including quitting a job because my boss did not approve my holiday plans. You can laugh at me but then you may also resonate with my feelings. 

I also quit because I was feeling bored from too much remote work. Talk about being ungrateful about the benefits of the job! Don’t worry, I learnt it the hard way and now I wish I was working 100% remotely. 

Since Covid-19 until now, I probably have changed more than five jobs. It’s not really something I am proud of. Imagine the tons of interviews I have to undergo. The recent ones are worse, as I had to field questions from human resources (HR) on why I changed so many jobs and also, they ask me where is my loyalty? 

Loyalty? Is there real loyalty in the workplace these days? We have the terms of quiet quitting, and even lazy girl jobs floating around the workforce, people seen to be tired of the rat race. 

However, the bulk of the workforce is still a senior group who have expectations. I am also tired of being the new kid in every company. So I guess I shall just comply and find a job to fulfill the expectations of society and the country?  

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